Frozen Bag x Sweet Slurple

Frozen Bag x Sweet Slurple

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Feminized Selfie Seeds
Indica/Sativa Hybrid
Lineage: Frozen Bag (BAG x Banana Butter Cups) x  Sweet Slurple((Dosidos X Purple Punch) x (Platinum x Slurricane)) S2

You can view the cross in the video below.

Mother(Receiver): Frozen Bag is a cross by Robin Hood Seeds which is definitely has one of the highest levels of frost I have ever experienced. It stands out when grown side by side with other strains as it's buds are practically all white. The terpene profile is a combination of floral and gas and the smoke is on the cleaner side and the strain is capable of purpling. The buds themselves have hints of pink in them and is extremely pretty when ground up.

Father(Donor): Sweet Slurple is my all time favorite strain and is a combination of Slurricane and Sugar Cane. The cross was hunted, then selfed and hunted again resulting in a 3rd generation phenotype that was heavily stress tested and has high level of anthocyanins which cause purpling. It has a sweet berry candy aroma and extreme levels of frost and is all around one of the easiest strains I have ever grown due to its generational adaptation to indoor grow tents. The smoke itself will definitely "slap" and even avid dabbers have commented about it's great high.

Pictured is the actual plant that produced these seeds. Both the Donor and the Receiver were fed using the GWM Soil Feed Schedule A detailed history of growth and feed is available for anyone who purchases these seeds. 

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