Organic Broccoli Selfie Seeds

Organic Broccoli Selfie Seeds

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These seeds were hand cultivated from a broccoli plant we have continued to Selfie in our Garden year after year. They are non-GMO and grown using Jobe's 4-4-4 Blend.

Below, we've included some essential care tips to help you nurture your broccoli plants to their full potential.

Our Broccoli Care Tips:

1. Soil Type: Broccoli thrives in well-draining, fertile soil with a pH range of 6.0 to 7.5. Ensure that the soil is rich in organic matter to support optimal growth and nutrient uptake. Loose soil will allow the roots to establish and grow easily.

2. NPK Requirements: To ensure healthy development, broccoli plants require a balanced supply of essential nutrients. For the NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium) ratio, a general recommendation is 10-20-10 or 5-10-10. However, incorporating compost or well-rotted manure into the soil before planting can provide a natural source of these nutrients.

3. Temperature and Climate: Broccoli is a cool-season crop, thriving in moderate temperatures. Ideal daytime temperatures for growth range from 60°F to 70°F (15°C to 21°C), and nighttime temperatures between 50°F to 60°F (10°C to 15°C). Ensure that your growing area provides adequate sunlight exposure, as broccoli requires at least 6 hours of sunlight daily.

4. Watering: Maintain consistent moisture levels in the soil, ensuring it remains evenly moist but not waterlogged. Overwatering may lead to root rot, while underwatering can cause stunted growth. Water the plants at the base in the morning to prevent fungal issues.

5. Humidity: Broccoli prefers a moderate level of humidity, around 40% to 60%. In excessively humid conditions, the risk of fungal diseases may increase. Adequate spacing between plants can improve air circulation, reducing humidity-related problems.

6. Planting and Spacing: Plant the seeds about 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep in the soil. Once seedlings emerge and reach a height of 2 to 3 inches, thin them to about 18 to 24 inches apart to allow ample space for each plant to grow.

7. Pest and Disease Control: To prevent common pests like aphids, cabbage worms, and flea beetles, consider using natural remedies like neem oil, insecticidal soap, or introducing beneficial insects such as ladybugs and lacewings. Practicing crop rotation can also help deter diseases common to the Brassica family.

8. Harvesting: Broccoli heads are ready for harvest when they are firm, dark green, and the buds are tightly closed. Cut the main head with a sharp knife, leaving several inches of the stem attached to encourage side shoot development, which will provide additional smaller heads over time.

By following these care tips and providing your organic broccoli seeds with the right conditions, you'll be rewarded with a delightful harvest of nutritious, home-grown broccoli that's free from harmful chemicals. Happy gardening!

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