Sweet Slurry Selfie Seeds - Strain 6ix

Sweet Slurry Selfie Seeds - Strain 6ix

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Feminized Stress Tested Selfie Seeds
Indica/Sativa 50/50 Hybrid
Lineage: (Dosidos X Purple Punch) x (Platinum x Slurricane) Pheno Hunted Backcross by In House Genetics

You can view the strain in the video below.

Sweet Slurry, also known as s6 was ultimately the winner of my 2022 Strain Hunt (video linked below and this is strain 6). This was made by crossing a pheno hunted Sugar Cane and crossing it with Slurricane and what came together undeniably dominated in my 2022 Strain Hunt. It had both the best THC content/frost and highest yield and it was the main focus in my 2022 breeding projects. The stem structure is strong enough to support the large nugs without the need of a trellis. The bud structure is slightly airy, but it's made up for by the high levels of frost. The terpenes are a blend of pink vitamins, berries, a slight tart punch and a bit of gas. The flavor is up to par with the smell and this phenotype has enough THC to smack anyone with a good tolerance. Since In House Genetics is notorious for hermaphrodites, this particular phenotype was cloned and was subjected to a wave of stress tests including light leaks, drought, overheating and underheating.

This is also the main strain featured in my Grow with Me Series. In 2023, enough people have grown this strain to confirm it stability to warrant this selfie seed a strain name. Sweet Slurry was a title earned and based on the lineage and feedback from all those who grew it, the name makes sense.

Pictured is the actual plant that produced these seeds. The reversed clone of her can be seen on our reversal journal. She was fed using the HWGrow Soil Feed Schedule and he was fed the HWGrow Hydro Feel Schedule. Data from both of the journals was used to finalize the feed dosages of each nutrient in the HWG feed charts. A detailed history of growth on this plant was documented on my journal on discord which will help guide you if you grow this cross.

The photo with the buds shows what the they look like after they've been harvested, dried and cured. Since these are Selfie Seed, you will get consistent results from each seed and variance may exist, but it's extremely low compared to crosses. No need to phenohunt these seeds.

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