About Us

Selfie Seeds was started by our educational brands EverythingGrows & HWGrow. We were constantly getting fan requests for genetics we showcase on our tutorials, so we replicated them. Selfie Seeds are not about strains, but about each individual plant shown in our videos. Selfie Seeds allows the preservation of the individual expressions and phenotypes showcased in our content and by reproducing them, we can share them with the world. Not only will you get an almost identical plant frozen in time, but you will also gain access to the history of growth in a documented grow journal detailing the exact feed history and environmental conditions used to grow the exact plants that produced these seeds!

Transparency is our promise. We show you the exact plants that produced each seed we offer. Our seeded mother plants look just as good as the non seeded plants and the whole process of reversals, pollination and harvesting is documented to prove our Breeding & Husbandry practices. We do not produce mass quantities and our crosses are limited runs that are specialty. All of our plants are subjected to intentional light stresses such as leaks and drought in Bloom to ensure we eradicate simple stressing herms. We make sure we cull plants before they have the opportunity to drop pollen and we DO NOT fux with herms or breeders that do.  

We only believe in breeding/crossing the best strains we come across and more than half of the seeds we produce get disposed of because they do not meet our standards. As we grow out more strains, our standards improve and older lines are discontinued.

Check out EverythingGrows & HWGrow for all the videos that show you how we grew these prized phenos and the history of how we produced our Selfie Seeds.