Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: You have to be at least 21 years old to order cannabis seeds from Selfie Seeds™. Access to this site is prohibited for minors.

How many seeds come in a pack?

On every listing on this site, you will have a checkbox which lets you select the number of seeds. 3 pack = 3 seeds; 5 pack = 5 seeds, etc.

Are your seeds available anywhere else?

No. We do not have any vendors who distribute our seeds and we have no plans to do so. If you believe someone is claiming to sell our seeds, please Contact Us. We take no responsibility on secondary markets.

Do you give freebies?
Yes. Every $50 spent on the site will earn you one free seed of less value. Sorry, we do not allow you to choose which freebie you get. However, they are sifted in quality and come from our mother strains, which uphold our strict standards.

Are your seeds feminized?
Yes, Every seed we sell is feminized. We have no males in our facilities and any pollen we use came from a reversed female.

What is the difference between photoperiod and autoflower seeds?
Photoperiod strains are photosensitive (i.e. light sensitive). A 12/12  light cycle will trigger flowering and they will remain in veg indefinitely when left under 14-24 hours of light per day.

Autoflowering plants do not require a 12/12 light cycle to flower. They will start flowering automatically about half way through their life cycle(approximately 6 weeks).

How should I store my seeds?
Seeds require dark, dry and cool temperatures for the best results. Emulating a winter environment is ideal so the best way to store them is to place them in the fridge in a spot furthest from the door. This will maintain consistent cold temperatures. You do not want to get these seeds wet or expose them to anything dirty.  Our seeds have all been sterilized and properly dried so there is no moisture left in the seed shells to expand when frozen.

Is it legal to sell cannabis seeds?
The sale of cannabis seeds is legal. Cannabis seeds are sold with the provision that they are adult novelty souvenirs and are classified as Hemp.

Selfie Seeds does not encourage anyone to break any laws and is not responsible for the actions of persons who purchase our Seeds. We sell cannabis seeds legally for the preservation of genetics and as HWGrow fan souvenirs.


Orders can be placed online 24/7! Quantities are automatically removed from our inventory upon checkout so inventory is updated in real time. What shows in stock is what is available.

    Do you Wholesale?

    Do you offer coupons/promos?
        No. We price our seeds according to the market conditions and what we believe they are worth. If a coupon or promo is available, you deserved it.

    What are the hours of operation?
        Our customer service staff is available for email Monday – Friday 9AM – 4PM. We do our best to reply to emails within 1 business day.