All of the shipments we process include tracking via USPS. We charge exactly what we pay and the prices can be verified here.

We ship all of our seeds out twice a week - On Mondays and Thursdays at 12:00 P.M. All packaging is complimentary(free) with every purchase.

Extreme Weather Conditions
All of our seeds have been properly sterilized and dried. Stress tests were also made to verify that these seeds can withstand freezing temperatures in transit. However, extreme heat has shown to reduce viability so in situations where temperatures are expected to be above 85 degrees Fahrenheit, we reserve the right to postpone shipping until temperatures improve.

All of our seeds are shipped out securely in either microcentrifuge tubes or our custom 6 slot seed containers. Our bubble mailers are basic and discreet. The name and address will be identical to the shipping address provided in your order.  Our return address is a simple PO Box and there are no references to seeds or plants on any of our exterior packaging.  

USPS Ground Advantage
As of July 9th, 2023, USPS now ships via USPS Ground Advantage  Shipments still have an estimated transit time of 2-5 business days from the date of shipping. (see above) Alaska and Hawaii shipments may take up to 7 business days. Weekends are NOT included in these time frames. We strive to keep shipping costs down and offering this option provides buyers with a cheaper shipping option. The beauty of this update is that Ground Advantage package now comes with $100 insurance.

USPS Priority Shipping
Priority shipping is highly recommended if you have had issues with deliveries in the past. Priority Mail estimates usually have a transit time  of 2-3 business days. Weekends do not count in this estimate. There is no guarantee on the transit time, but in our history of shipping, these estimates are 90% reliable. Priority mail also includes $100 in insurance so if a package is lost in transit, you are covered for up to $100.00. We use Small Priority Flat Rate boxes to ship out all of our seeds. For more questions regarding this service, please refer to Priority Mail FAQ's

USPS Priority Express
Priority express shipping is the only shipping we offer with a "next-day to 2–day delivery service by 6 PM with a money–back guarantee"1 Sundays are not included in these days but this is the most reliable service but comes with a premium cost. Priority Express mail also includes $100 in insurance so if a package is lost in transit, you are covered for up to $100.00. For more questions regarding this service, please refer to Priority Express Mail FAQ's

International Orders
Due to extremely high costs and issues with customs with most countries, we do not offer international shipping on our seeds.

We reserve the right to cancel orders shipping to unconfirmed addresses:

    Confirmed Address
        A Confirmed Address has been established by PayPal as belonging to the PayPal account holder.
        By shipping to a Confirmed Address, you are helping to ensure that the item is being shipped to the PayPal account holder.

    Unconfirmed Address
        An Unconfirmed Address is an address that PayPal hasn’t been able to reliably associate with the PayPal account holder.

        There are many reasons why a buyer’s legitimate address may be Unconfirmed.
            For example:
                buyer may have recently added the new address to the PayPal account.
                claims for non receipt or too many errors in shipping have occurred in the past

        To confirm your address, please go to and follow the instructions.

USPS shows my order was delivered but it wasn’t! What should I do?
Our shipping policies are based on the information USPS provides in their tracking. If tracking shows "scanned and delivered", we assume it was. In an instance where you do not receive the package but the status is marked as "delivered", you need to contact your local post office directly. We do not hold any responsibility for lost or stolen packages. If you do not trust mail being delivered to your own home because it is not safe, please ship to a destination you are comfortable with. For lost shipments, you may file a claim after 10 days of inactivity since the last scan. In the rare event that USPS admits that they lost your package, a credit will be applied to your account for the full amount of your purchase. Proof of loss will be required. 

Missing item from my order/incorrect pack?
Our shipping department hand packs and records every order that is shipped out via CCTV. This ensures all orders are fulfilled without incident. In the rare event that you have missing or incorrect items, please Contact Us and we will run our tapes to verify your claim. If an item was missing, we will ship it out to you immediately upon verification. If an incorrect item was received, keep it as a courtesy for our mistake and we will reship the proper item(s).