Caramel Apple Gelato Mother Strain

Caramel Apple Gelato Mother Strain

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Feminized Stress Tested Selfie Seeds
Indica/Sativa 70/30 Hybrid
Lineage: Apple Cider x Jet Fuel Gelato by Green House Seed Co.

You can view the strain in the video below. This is the parent strain to a number of crosses on this site.

Early on in harvest, Caramel Apple Gelato does not smell much like caramel or apple or anything sweet for that matter. Its smells like plasticine, with pine and a slight bit of funk but nothing repulsive. Visibly the plant has really pretty buds, white on orange pistils with specks of green. This is undeniable the best bud structure I grew in my 2023 Strain Hunt and if you ever wondered how people grow those moon rock type of nugs, this is one of those strains. Absolutely no larf, even on the lower bud sites and these are extremely compact colorful buds that are dense. The number of actual bud sites seems to be a lot higher than other strains and this is one of those strains that makes nice shish kabobs of buds. Because of the weight, this plant clearly topples over and a trellis or support will be required. The plant was one of the tallest and the yield on this was the highest in the hunt. After dry, this was the easiest trim I have ever experienced IN MY LIFE. This is what sets aside an amazing strain from regular. It will be a key focus on upcoming crosses. Trimmed a little over 4 ounces in 12 minutes all recorded live with NO TRIMMER, literally just broke off leaves that were jutting out and the end product looks professionally manicured. After drying, the aromas finally developed. The plastic smell is gone and now its like a slight burnt sugar (caramel). No apple really though. After curing, the smell completely transforms and now there is a mandarin(non citrus)/vanilla smell like a orange sorbet vanilla combo mixed with lipton tea bags. Amazing profile now and this transformed my breeding priorities for upcoming projects. 

A notable cross I am looking forward to CAG x (GxS) - I want the bud structure from CAG, with the terpene and stem structure of GxS. Both are B+ frost levels so I am assuming that will maintain in the cross.

Pictured on the bottom is the actual plant that produced these seeds which was reversed. This plant was fed the HWGrow Soil Feed Schedule and oddly, the quantities of seeds were very limited despite the pollen being well received from other receiver crosses.

The photo with the buds shows what the they look like after they've been harvested, dried and cured. Since these are Selfie Seeds, you will get consistent results from each seed and variance may exist, but it's extremely low compared to crosses. No need to phenohunt these seeds.

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