Gx2 Domino(Double Grape x White Wedding) Selfie Seeds

Gx2 Domino(Double Grape x White Wedding) Selfie Seeds

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Feminized Stress Tested Selfie Seeds
WARNING: 25% of these seeds will be Autoflowers(the rest will be Photoperiods)
Indica/Sativa 65/35 Hybrid
Lineage: Double Grape x White Wedding (Sour Stomper x Grape Crinkle) x (Wedding Cake x Mandarin Cookies x Crescendo)

Videoshop/photoshop accusations will surely come until they see the full video below side by side with other strains to prove this girl's identity. The frost on this girl is unbelievable and this is the frostiest strain I have ever grown. Call it beginners luck or maybe this cross thing a lot easier than people say it is. The terpenes came more from double grape which was a bummer because the father white wedding pheno I had was the best smelling strain ever. The grape isnt as pungent as the double grape, but it still smells good. Stem structure was poor, it had 3 stems that were standing upright and the rest seemed to topple over which will require a trellis. I think was mainly due to the fact that this was in the back corner furthest away from the fans. Low yield and fluffy buds, but perfect for concentrates. It's still not perfect but hopefully I can cross her out to improve structure and maintain this frost. "It's nothing but frost" - homie who saw it in person. This strain makes frosty strains look basic and it definitely upped my bar on what frost is. It's hard to trim because almost all the non fan leaves were covered in frost so we just left it at larfy frosty nugs for the most part.

The last photo is the actual buds the seeds came from. The receiver was fed using the HWGrow Hydro Feel Schedule and the donor was fed using the HWGrow Soil Feed Schedule A detailed history of growth and feed is available for anyone who purchases these seeds. 

The photo with the buds shows what the they look like after they've been harvested, dried and cured. Since these are Selfie Seeds, you will get consistent results from each seed and variance may exist, but it's extremely low compared to crosses. No need to phenohunt these seeds unless you are chasing a guaranteed autoflower or photoperiod.

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